Joanne is a  Developmental Therapist specializing in:

  • Infants born sick or early
  • Issues with soothing and sleeping
  • Breastfeeding and feeding
  • Relating to and understanding your baby
  • Infants and young children’s developmental needs
  • Parenting and behavior concerns
  • Becoming a parent

Services in the Chicagoland area

  • Home visits
  • Parenting consultations
  • Developmental screening
  • Developmental therapy
  • Care provider and school consultations
  • School visits

Statement of Philosophy

Infants and children grow at an astounding rate involving complex and interconnected systems of body, brain, health, environment, and family relationships.

Each person in the family is important and brings to the mix his/her past experiences, feelings and personality, all of which are to be respected.

Because we all learn and grow best using our strengths, I strive to provide a supportive therapeutic relationship to help each child and each family address their needs and use their strengths to develop, to learn, to love, and to function optimally as individuals and with each other.